I feel like I should start out with a brutal confession. I’ve tried a lot of different things, and failed. Seriously, A LOT of things.

It’s really hard to pinpoint when I started “working”, as I was the type of kid that was always seeing opportunities to “make a buck”. Whether that was selling crayons in second grade, leasing swings on the playground in fourth grade, or some of the more physically demanding jobs like mowing lawns and helping my uncles in their painting business as a teenager. I do know that the day I turned 14 was the day I applied for my “working papers” and officially entered the working world.


When I say I’ve tried a lot, here’s the short list: 

Restaurant work (everything from dishwasher, short order and line cook, banquet setup, server, barback, and bartender)

Overnight Cashier at a convenience store

Deck hand for a tour boat on the Historic Erie Canal

Door to door fundraiser for a wildlife organization

Chiropractic Assistant

Developmental Specialist for a children’s organization

Sales Guy

Financial Advisor

And a Training Consultant for the world’s oldest training organization in the world


So yeah, when people say been there done that, I can relate.

That said what I’ve succeeded in is figuring out what doesn’t work, and that’s really good news for you.  

What doesn’t work is what you’ve always been told. It used to. It really did. But it doesn’t anymore. And that’s why I’m here. To teach a better way. A way that leads to fulfillment, excitement, and happiness.


So will you join me on this adventure?

I sure hope so.




One thought on “About Kevin

  • March 11, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    Yeah. Been there and done that as well, Kevin.

    My list:
    Maintenance Man, McDonald’s Grillmaster, Youth And Music Ministry, Youth Counselor, Houseparent, Landscaper, Novelist, Speaker, Dishwasher, Sous Chef, Life Coach.

    And gues what I do. I coach people on how to reinvent themselves, to get out of the rat maze of life and discover their “super self.”
    So you and I are on sorta, kinda, yeah, the same type mission. Glad to have connected with you. Perhaps the universe has something interesting for us collaboratively. You never know. Peace and love always.
    ES, MM


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