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Earlier this week, I decided this week would be dedicated to talking about managing energy levels. Today I had written a post about How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep.

But I’m not gonna post it. In the spirit of the return of the NFL last weekend, I’m calling “OMAHA” and changing the play.

Instead, I want to share with you someone I “met” online tonight. Her name is Cherlyn Chong from, and she, in every sense of the word, is an artist. Not only is she an illustrator, but she shares a message of hope (much like we do here at Fulfilled Purpose) by putting “a funny, inspirational spin on really sad things. All about self-love, letting go and life after heartbreak.”

stepstohappyness blog post

image credited to Cherlyn Chong from

Her work was just featured on Huffington Post specifically referring to a wildly popular comic she wrote exploring the heart wrenching pain that we have all experienced as the result of a break up. She explores the raw emotions each step of the way, and holds nothing back as she lashes back at the pain and agony. Thankfully, the story does resolve well with the help of a turtle (you’ve gotta read it to find out how).

As I read it tonight, I thought about the pains I’ve felt in my life. Not just breakups from people, but from jobs, friends, and worst my dreams. And the crazy thing about Cherlyn’s story is that you can replace a relationship ending with any of those, and it still works.

So today, I don’t want this to be about me. Because at the end of the day, I’m here to serve you the very best content out there, and I think you need this one. So go read it. Slowly. Digest it, and let it sink in. And get out there looking for your turtles.

(But don’t worry, I’ll still post the sleeping article soon. Maybe even as a bonus over the weekend. You’ll have to be subscribed to find out!)

It’s Doesn’t Always Have to Be About Me

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