So, What Do I Mean by Fulfilled Purpose?

Great question, and unfortunately it’s one that a lot of people have answered really vaguely.

Not me though. I think it’s pretty simple. And it looks like this.

Fulfilled Diagram

I define each of the above as follows:

Passion is when you find yourself having the most enjoyment. This is not always in play, nor is it always in the absence of work. It’s those moments when “time flies” and you find yourself purely in the moment.

Mission is the definite goal that you set for yourself. It’s often mistaken as the “thing” we want to become, but in reality it’s more the person we want to be known as. It’s who we are and what we do.

Values are the qualities and beliefs that we hold in our worldview. When we face decisions in life, both large and small, it’s what ultimately shapes our choices.

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