How finally stepping out into this venture has changed me in 30 days… and can for you too!

One month ago today, I drew a line in the sand. I posted a short video on my Facebook timeline pointing my friends to a page I had created to share a framework that I had developed over 20 years. It was an ambitious goal, to tackle the most pressing question that each of us faces in our lives: Why am I here?

I drew a line in the sand and declared “Hi! I’m here and I can help!”


Now, looking back over the last 30 days, I’ve come to realize a few things about this journey that can help you to step out with courage as you chase your dream.

1. Start.

When I say that I was pointing my friends to a page that I had created, I should note that I had created it in 2010. Yup, 5 years prior. It sat there unused and unfulfilled. I would log into Facebook and would be reminded every day that it was there.

Oh and there was a website too. That I also registered in 2010. Same story, different platform.

I had worked on some “stuff”.  I had created, documented, and implemented the process with hundreds of people (though I never actually TOLD many of them I was!)

But really, I had done little to advance the project.

Until I did. And all I can say is WOW! I can’t believe the response. I knew it was an important topic, but had no idea the impact that it would create in such a short period of time. Immediately I had people contacting me telling me how it was changing them. I had people liking and sharing the content I was creating. I had people reaching out to me asking for help on all sorts of topics. And it hasn’t stopped.

On that topic of content creation? What I had previously struggled to wrap my head around just flowed. I still can’t quite explain where it comes from, but I liken it to unclogging a drain. The words just flow now. It’s pretty awesome!

So first, to chase your dream all I can say is START! Just do it. Even when you don’t want to or know where to begin. Just do then next thing to move the needle. And then do the next thing. And the next thing. Just get started and keep your momentum.

2. Believe.

This is a big, no a HUGE one! What you have to offer, someone else can benefit from. Whether it’s your journey of how you lost weight, how you knit hats for your friends, how to change the oil in your car, or the ugly little bits about being a parent. We want to know what you know.

And to address that little beast of self doubt that no one really cares? Let’s do some simple math. You’ve probably heard the expression “one in a million”. That stands to say that someone is pretty special and that they are unique in their own way.

Let’s for a moment assume that’s you. If that is true, and there are a little over 7 billion people on our planet, then the same logic would be true that there are 7000 other people just…like…you.

So, still think no one cares? Did you know that a little over a hundred years ago, the average person wouldn’t come into contact with more than 500 people IN THEIR LIFETIME?!? Today, I’m pretty sure we typically see that many on the average trip to the grocery store.

Believe me. People care. You have a purpose. And that is to share the gifts that you have.

3. We Need You.

Which leads me to my last lesson. We deeply need you. We need to know what you know. We long to hear your voice. SO please, don’t deprive us of that.

I didn’t believe this a month ago. Especially in this space that I’m carving out. I mean c’mon, I’m competing with ancient philosophers and contemporary thought leaders that are WAY smarter, charismatic, and successful than I am.

But, it’s true. Because most people don’t have access to Tony Robbins, and fall asleep when they read Nichomachean Ethics.

But they can call me. Or in the case of last night I had a  messaging session on Facebook. At the end of the conversation, the person actually told me “Kevin, I am very happy…I mostly don’t ask people for help, but tonight, you have given me hope….I didn’t think I would find someone who could help me sort this, but now I’m hopeful for the first time in years.

You too can bring hope. We need you to share your gifts. Don’t wait. Get started, believe in your gifts, and know that we are waiting.

What You Can Gain From Chasing Your Purpose

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